TrueTestMarketing.com is a review website dedicated to giving an honest review of mostly digital, downloadable products such as ebooks, audio courses, business opportunities etc. We have also reviewed some physical products such as weight loss pills, teeth whiteners, games, makeup, anti-wrinkle creams and various other products. With all of our reviews, you will find both the pros and the cons of each product along with whether or not they offer a discount, free trial or money back guarantee and a link to the product if you decide it is something you want to try.


Hi, and thanks for visiting our website. We have been testing and reviewing products since 1999, and we have compiled quite a large list. In February of 2006 we purchased the TrueTestMarketing domain name and built this website to place the reviews on.

As of October 2016, we have begun a complete revamp of this website and the task of re-adding every product we have reviewed will take several months at least, as we have to build a new page for every category, as well as a new page for every sub-category with the product reviews. When complete, they will be organized into their respective categories in the blue column on the left side of this page. We hope you find something usueful here. Enjoy!